Transformative History 

Our journey of transformation as Pioneer School starts with the St Paul Thomas Academy, a Private Primary Boys Boarding school located in Samar Location, Ichagaki Ward, Maragua constituency, Murang'a County. 

The school was Established in 1995, on an old Swiss owned farm, formerly known as Samar Sisal Estate (Established 1945). The Sisal Plantation, factory and small fishing farm were located on the slopes of Samar next to the Maragua River.  

Just like the pioneers' of Sisal Industry in Kenya, St Paul Thomas Academy was established to pioneer one of the first Kenyan owned, private education school in Murang'a and the area provided the perfect environment for quality education for the busy middle class of Nairobi. 

Its idealic weather, spacial grounds, rural setting and beautiful sisal planted fields provided the perfect mix for young students to seek adventure, education and be resourceful.  

Soon afterwards, in the early 2000's St Paul Thomas Academy gave birth to Pioneer School. 

This was after being persuaded by parents to establish the best private high school boy's boarding school since high school education is important and transformative to any young man's life and to the community at large. 

With that mandate from our customers, we proceeded to establish a unique high school program and experience.  

Pioneer school was the 1st private high school boarding school in Kenya to incorporate Aviation (Flying school program) and Marine (Seafarers program) on top of the basic education requirements stipulated by the ministry of education 

It has since overseen the graduation of over 6,000 students, majority of whom have joined lucrative careers as doctors, engineers and lawyers after the completion of their university courses.  

With a handful of students from alumni of St Paul Thomas Academy, the school has grown by leaps and bounds.  

Students have gone on to become competitive pilots after having been fully armed with a PPL (Private Pilot License) from Pioneer School.