Here at Pioneer School, we believe in providing holistic education that extends beyond the confines of the classroom.

That's why we're proud to source most of our kitchen supplies from local farms that provide organic, healthy food.

Additionally, our CBC student-led agriculture program supplies our kitchen. 

Our milk and dairy products are supplied daily by local certified farms. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing for impurities, microorganisms, and toxins before collection and consumption, ensuring the highest quality and safety. 

 Our eggs and chicken meat are sourced from local farms committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Each batch of eggs and chicken meat is carefully inspected for freshness and safety before reaching our kitchen, providing our students with wholesome, delicious meals.

Our bakery offers a delightful selection of cakes and pastries, all made in-house with the finest ingredients.

We use organic flour, free-range eggs, and locally sourced dairy products to ensure the highest quality and taste.

Our talented bakers craft each item with care, focusing on both traditional recipes and innovative creations.

Whether it's a special occasion or a daily treat, our cakes and pastries provide a delicious and wholesome experience for our students. 

As an eco-friendly organization, we are conscoius of our sources of energy.

We limit the use of timber though the use of locally available sources of energy to power our kitchen.

Our brigettes are sourced from local macadamia, coffee and tea by products to fuel our stoves 

Our water is sourced from a healthy river maragua, housed and treated internally by our able team.

Additionally  drinking water is supplied from our local county water supplier Muscwasco