The guys we met up close and personal were totally different from the stereotype in different schools and our rugby team players. Pioneer has always been a powerhouse in rugby recently falling short of the nationals as they lost to Alliance High School in the regional finals. With success stories of the likes of Ian Masheti who is currently in the Kenya under 20 rugby team. The kings of Murang’a are not only feared in the academic field but also in the sports area. The team is lead by captain and scrumhalf John Kariuki under the guidance of their coach, Xavier Kevin who says that discipline, commitment and hard work are paramount in achieving success.

The outgoing team has set the bar high and it will only be fair if the incoming team takes it higher. The boys are able to balance between the academics and games with the minimum requirement of C+ in order to make the cut. Pioneer being a hub of creation of agents of change ensures that sporting talents are upheld and as the next seasonal games approach I think The Oryx team should be one to watch and equally fear.

However, all these achievements could not have been made possible were it not for the intensive training of Xavier. Lessons end at 4:00 p.m. and by 4:10 p.m. all players are in the field ready to begin their work in the ‘office’. After a few incoherent murmurs to the Almighty Deity, they begin their job. They run round the main field between 7 to 10 laps. No time to rest. Time is money therefore it is utilized to the fullest. Stretching begins to ensure that there are no muscle contractions which would be a big blow to the team. Weights are already set up at the gym. They dash to the newly founded gymnasium,’Misuli tinginya’ at work. The dumb-bells know very well they are no match for our boys. Heavy breathing and sweat are all that rent the air, a clear indication of the intensive working of the machines. After a brief session in the gym, they are back to the pitch. The cones are laid down, the machines are set and the major work begins. A game is not won on the pitch but on the training ground. The success of the team is majorly based on the work done during training.